Creator: Norman
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
Gorgeous young black girl helps failing companies get fat government contracts
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Sarah Goode is a gorgeous black girl who has figured a way to live her life freely. She goes to work with companies that are about to go bankrupt and she shows them how to get a lucrative government contract. She requires a free hand in changing their particular operation to confirm to the rules of "equal-opportunity-employment". This means bringing in a whole new work force that includes foreigners, the disabled, non-english speaking workers, gays, lesbians, and building a wheelchair ramp at the entrance.

Sarah is hired by just such a company and she begins to change the operation. The old boss (60) who runs the company must put up with having his relatives fired and the other half demoted. But the son who is about to take over at 35, falls in love with Sarah even though he already has a trophy wife. and he sides with Sarah in all her decisions.

But the boss goes crazy with all these changes in his life and when the government inspector, arrives to make his decision, he is confronted by the owner, and a flow of verbal abuse that kills any possible contract for the company. So ends Sarah's job in anger and goes elsewhere to work and forget these people.

But the father and son are doomed and the trophy wife takes over the failed operation. And she's smart enough to seek out Sarah and start with a clean slate.

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