In the Realm of the Maya ~~ The Rising of Royal Ringball

Creator: Martin K. Zitter
Age rating: Everyone
All is not well in the ancient Maya Kingdom of Tikal. The rains have ceased, the soil has become parched, and the gardens have gone to wilt. Perhaps an audacious challenge by The Hero Twins, champions of Royal Ringball, will flush out angry Lord Chaac Ha, the rain god.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - In the Realm of the Maya
  • Script 1 - Martin's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    From the ancient Maya Popol Vuh creation myth, we derive a tale of youthful skill, courage, and hubris, as the 18-year old Hero Twins, Princess Paka and Prince Copan, attempt to save their father's kingdom from destruction. Lost on them is the plight of the forest creatures who have begged Lord Chaac Ha to stop the humans from burning their forest homes and fouling their food, air, and water.