Creator: Dean Zachary
Age rating: 13 and older
Hellhound is the code name for a former Russian spy who discovers his ancestor is actually a legendary monster hunter, so he inherits not only the vampire hunting legacy but the curse of the werewolf. Can he cure himself by destroying the Master Vampire?
Synopsis: The story begins with an action prologue featuring the origin of a Master Vampire. Then we meet Nicholas Vanelchzenk (Code Name Hellhound) with a dark past that still haunts him. So much killing has left him empty. Can he redeem himself and cleanse his past sins by hunting monsters he sees as more evil than himself? Will he remain a victim of the werewolf curse forever?

US Operatives from the Special Intelligence Service are dispatched to investigate unexplained giant wolf like creatures sited in Easter Europe and stumble upon real life monsters. As their mission unravels the mystery of their origins, our team crosses paths with Hellhound, who has discovered his ancestor, Abraham Van Helsing's holy sanctuary. After joining forces our heroes ultimately face a demon responsible for creating Dracula himself, and must use the supernatural power of good to destroy the creature.

This story is jam packed with rich visual environments and outstanding action set pieces, but in the end it is about love, loyalty, and the courage to believe in something more than what we can see. Can Nick's journey help us see the Good in humanity and beyond, when we're surrounded by so much darkness. The message is uplifting in the end.

Read it and see!

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Dean's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Hellhound is an Action Horror Story that combines the thrills of a spy adventure combined with visceral horror elements. From Picturesque Eastern European landscapes to stunning Underground Labyrinths we witness new horrific creatures, spectacular castles, and epic monster battles. Ultimately, the story is about a broken man's redemption.