Ordinary Men

Creator: Richard Avirett
Age rating: 17 and older
a small group of Private Military Contractors in Iraq have to stay alive after a quick mission turns into the ultimate fight for survival against starvation, violence, and each other. At the heart of every man is a rage to stay alive. Based on actual events.
Synopsis: For some men after the military, civilian life is dull and boring, even unmanageable. it doesn't take long before many return to a life of the military while a few other need the intensity of bullets and chaos to find peace. Some of these men find opportunity as a private contractor in order to actually find meaning and sanity. This is true for the 12 men I didn't know before taking on a mission that was doomed from the start.
When we arrived at a reconstruction project in the middle of nowhere outside of Mosul, Iraq, The place went from an empty war torn deserted town to a popular Alqaeda destination. a 5 day mission with provisions for only enough to stay alive that long, stretched into 23 days, no outside communication, no fuel for vehicles, then starvation and sickness leads to stealing and desperate moves, to simply stay live. the real story comes when the ammo runs out and it becomes a scene right out of a bad movie only this time it is real. the struggle to survive one more day, one more hour, even at times one more minute, makes the idea sound super human, but in reality we were just ordinary men.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Richard's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This story is based on actual events. Everyone thinks they know what happens in war zones when no one is looking, and no one who was really there wants to talk about it. This is the real gritty look into the ultra secret world of Private military Contractors. I will never be able to work again in this field after this movie shows.