The Ambassadors

Creator: Timeri N Murari
Age rating: 13 and older
When six delinquent teenagers, children of wealthy parents, are sent to an exchange school in Central America, they use their special skills in helping a village fight bandits. The experience transforms their lives.
Synopsis: The six teenagers, three boys and three girls, spoilt and bored, make a habit of breaking into their father's hi-tech companies to steal information. It's a game for them. Each are experts in different skills ranging from climbing, shooting and hacking. Their families, fed up with their delinquent behaviour, agree to send them as exchange students to a Central American school. They never reach it, as the bus carrying them has an accident in a remote area and they're stranded near a poor village. The villagers help them survive, despite their own problems with bandits raiding them. The teenagers, with their special skills, help the village fight the bandits and this makes them compassionate and considerate.

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