The Carrero Effect

Creator: Leanne Marshall
Age rating: 17 and older
Emma Anderson has everything in her life worked out. She has her perfect job in a Manhattan empire allowing her to live a quiet and organised safe existence. A necessity to her, after a childhood filled with bad memories, abuse, and a mother who was less than useless.
Synopsis: The first three books em compass the story of Emma Anderson, a closed off victim of child abuse who has found coping mechanisms to survive. Outwardly she is cool and capable and has life under control.
She is promoted to the right hand of her companies big boss, becoming his PA and an unusual friendship begins to grow. She has no desire to be more than a professional around this laid back persona.
He is the polar opposite and yet somehow they start to find a middle ground which moves the relationship to new levels.
Emma's story unfolds and we get glimpses of her past, her mother pulling her back to Chicago after a beating at a lovers hand, reveals more of the danger she lived through .
Jake fist fights the man who beat her mother unknowing that he is the one who tried to rape Emma at eighteen.
This is an emotional roller coaster, of learning to trust, open up, heal and love. It's not an easy story with many twists and turns.
There is a tug in the direction of Marissa, Jake's first love and ex girlfriend with an unplanned pregnancy; there is betrayal, heartbreak and character growth as Jake and Emma move on to find love with each other. There are side characters in the form of his best friends, Leila and Daniel. Another level to the opening up of Emma's heart.
The finale of the story sees them getting engaged, but danger is lurking behind them. The man from book 1 who has always shadowed her life, tries to take Emma from their new home, harming her and her own unborn baby. His intent, torture and payback to Jake.
Dramatic climax before the three books end in a happy ever after wedding and introduce a pointer to two more.

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