The Queen's Gambit

Creator: Ikenna Ezuma
Age rating: Everyone
When the hope of a mighty kingdom rests on the shoulders of a noble warrior, a baby king and a great Amazon, the stage is set for an epic encounter between the vices of greed against the virtues of loyalty, courage and justice – on these lies the hope of a people.
Synopsis: OZIEGBE the Mighty Warrior returns from yet another victory for the Benin Empire but with a burden in his heart following his astonishing encounter with the elusive OBOH back in the great forst, the Diviner no one sees except the last OBA.

Driven by the Oboh’s prophesy as his perfect excuse to fulfill his most secret ambition, Oziegbe storms the Palace in the wee of a fateful morning and murders OBA OKODUWA, the same night the Oba’s youngest wife, INE, puts to birth a set of very identical male twin. That same night Oziegbe’s wife also puts to birth, but she passes on after child birth and her personal maid, ODION, runs down to the Queen Mother’s hut where Ine just put to birth, and the Queen Mother, OSEMUDIAMEN, interchange one of the twin for the male child Odion came with and commands her to return.

GUOBADIA, a noble warrior comes in afterwards and under the command of the Queen Mother, he guides one of her personal maids, OSALUMENSE as they flee into the great forest with the second twin where he is later joined by ABEYUWA the great Amazon. Oziegbe and his men storms in the birth place and murder the new baby believing it is the late Oba’s son.

The twin son in exile, AKENZUA, and IYE, Abeyuwa’s daughter born in exile, grows under the tutelage of Abeyuwa among many other willing young warriors. The time to return eventually comes. Abeyuwa, together with Akenzua, the heir apparent, and the willing soldiers of OGBIA kingdom where she made so many good friends and allies, returns to Benin Empire to face Oziegbe and his men in what becomes the fiercest battle of all time.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Ikenna's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Adapted this epic classic set in a spirited African kingdom, from my KDP published novel and did added more conflicts and drama that will literally keep viewers in total suspense. Funny yet, when writing this novel years ago I had it at the back of my mind that hopefully it may be adapted into a motion flick. Now I am faced with the prospect.