Creator: Seunghwa Cho
Age rating: 17 and older
Archeologist Alex Kim unexpectedly encounters a double agent convicted of stealing nuclear launch codes. Because of this encounter, Kim is hunted by terrorists, mercenaries and US gov. Kim tries to survive by clearing his name and finding the truth before it's too late.
Synopsis: Despite his wife's disapproval, Alex Kim, a Korean-American archeologist, leaves his pregnant wife Olivia, whose baby is due in ten days, for a week-long excavation project in Egypt. Agent Harris, a double agent convicted of stealing nuclear launch codes, sits next to Alex, befriends Alex and accompanies him during the flight. Alex is completely unaware of Harris' conviction. When the plane gets attacked by secret agents, Agent Harris gives a card to Alex and sets off bombs planted on the plane, causing the plane to crash in the middle of the Saharan Desert. When Alex regains consciousness from the plane crash, he notices Algerian mercenaries killing all of the crash survivors and removing remnants of the crashed plane. Alex quickly runs into the Saharan Desert away from the mercenaries. Alex quickly passes out from dehydration but is rescued by Swedish Tourists Oskar Hansson and Sara Lindberg who have been traveling across the desert at the time. After finding shelter, Alex finds out that his wife has died from a 'tragic accident' and that his flight to Egypt never existed. He also finds out that Harris had died two weeks ago in Mississippi due to heart failure. While proving to Oskar and Sara that he isn't a madman, Alex's shelter is ambushed by Algerian mercenaries lead by Captain Sayed. Alex and Sara quickly hides from the mercenaries but Sayed ruthlessly kills Oskar for failing to tell him any information. Alex and Sara quickly escape the mercenaries using the help of a desert sandstorm. After days of fleeing, Alex and Sara arrive in Annaba, Algeria where they meet a mysterious figure Mr. B who advises Alex to travel to Tunis to find a man named Waldo. Right after Mr. B leaves Alex, Sayed and his men ambush Alex but fails to kill Alex as the Algerian police arrives just in time. Just as Alex is about to ride a boat to escape the city, Sara refuses to continue on their journey as she became traumatized from Oskar's death and recent catastrophic events. Alex rides the boat and leaves Sara behind only to see Sayed kill her. In Tunis, Alex meets Agent Waldo who informs Alex that the codes Agent Harris gave to Alex were THAAD system codes, required to defend the country from incoming ICBMs. Before the two can resolve Alex's situation, Waldo's hideout is ambushed. After surviving the ambush, Alex is given orders by Waldo to meet Agent Argus in Germany for refuge. In Tunis, Captain Sayed is killed by his mysterious hirer. During his flight to Germany, Alex meets Mr. B sitting next to him. Before Alex can ask any questions, Mr. B knocks out Alex. When Alex wakes up, Mr. B is having a shootout in the middle of the plane with three attackers. Alex hits his head on the overhead compartment and gets knocked out once more. This time, Alex wakes up in a German hospital morgue inside a body bag. Mr. B explains to Alex that Alex was put in a body bag to hide from potential threats. When Mr. B and Alex arrive to the US military base stationed in Germany, Alex finds himself at gun-point by Agent Argus. Argus explains that Agent Harris was a double agent who stole nuclear launch codes and that Alex is currently in possession of these codes in a card form. Argus reveals that he hired Sayed to seize the card but was unaware of Sayed's immoral tactics. Argus is informed that a Russian missile is headed straight for Washington D.C. and decides to shoot Alex to retrieve his card. Before Argus can shoot Alex, Waldo's men infiltrate the military base and comes into rescue. Waldo tells Alex that Argus is a double agent and that Argus is trying to deactivate the THAAD system from the Russian missile. Under Waldo's command, Alex and Mr. B infiltrate the military base's control center to activate Alex's card to initiate the THAAD system. Just as Alex tries to use his card, Waldo comes into the center and shoots Alex. Surprised, Mr. B shoots Waldo in response, killing him. Mr. B uses Alex's card to activate the system and Alex dies happy believing he has saved the world. After Alex passes away, Mr. B realizes that Alex's card indeed activated an ICBM missile to target Moscow. Story ends showing a stunned Mr. B as he realizes that he has started a nuclear war.

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