Postcards From A Gypsy Moon - The Troy Newman Story

Creator: Darren J Burns
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
Genre / Music Documentary: On the verge of world-wide fame, Australian singer-songwriter Troy Newman died mysteriously in 1997. The Troy Newman Story traces the singer’s rise to the top via his quirky habit of sending postcards from every tour-stop.
Synopsis: In 1991 Perth singer-songwriter Troy Newman set the world on fire with his music and iconic album “Gypsy Moon” (U.S. Billboard Top 100). Troy died mysteriously in Sydney in 1997 whilst working on his 3rd album “Velvet Hammer.”

Postcards From A Gypsy Moon traces the singer’s rise to fame from Australia to the United States and beyond.

His story will be told through the eyes of his friends, colleagues and record label executives who were instrumental in his success, and through Troy’s own words, as written in the hundreds of postcards he sent himself throughout his short career.

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