Creator: Paresh Sahu
Age rating: Everyone
An autistic son stimulates the power of bombardier beetle after recovering from disorder. Rival is not only the most wanted criminal but also the culprit of his father. He defeats that person and his supremacy to save the country.
Synopsis: It begins with an accident at midnight when Mr. Sehgal and his autistic son Vicky were traveled to autistic organisation hostel after birthday party celebration. They rushes into hospital immediately. After successful treatment Mr. Sehgal knows that, Vicky recovered from autism after that incident.

One day Mr. Sehgal notices about some extraordinary characteristics of Bombardier beetle from Vicky which is previously suppressed. He conforms it is the effect of his experiment which had been done by himself and Mr. Bakshi 25 years back. After that experiment Mr. Bakshi disappears with all the research documents and Mr. Sehgal gets jail sentence.

Gradually characters like Toxic acid mist spray through eye, Night visibility without light, Super strength, Great jumping and falling skill, Vibration detection develops. Vicky shows his power to his sister Maira who has came for holiday vacation. Once Mr. Sehgal, Vicky and Maira go out for lunch where Vicky falls in love with a restaurant girl, who doesn't satisfy with her current job. Mr. Sehgal wants Vicky to join sociology class. At college Vicky meets the restaurant girl Riya and her lover. Both Vicky and Riya loves each other but can't express. Misunderstanding creates between them. Vicky tries to apologies her but she ignores all time. Vicky saves Riya from unknown drug addicts.

Coincidentally Mr. Bakshi the most wanted criminal knows about Vicky and tries to kill him by cheating Mr. Sehgal. On first attempt Mr. Bakshi fails and luckily Vicky survives but lost all of his supernatural beetle power. Vicky regains his all character by the help of a Buddhist monk. Mr. Bakshi kidnaps Riya for calling Vicky to his scientific research center. Vicky fights with Robots and Model bombardier beetle of Mr. Bakshi. Finally he defeats them to save the country.

Please wait.... It all happened with Mr. Sehgal during coma, soon he realizes after recovering.

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