Sophie Milton P.I.

Creator: BOBBY Hellard
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 13 and older
The life of a Private Investigator who specialises in 'Honey Traps' is pieced together through three tales that make one story about gangsters, loan sharks, inept detectives, perverts, catfish and murderers.
Synopsis: Super Foxy Private Investigator Sophie Milton has been shot in the head and incompetent detectives Beckwith and Galloway are on the case.
Under the uncompromising leadership of DCI Taylor, the two detectives must pull the clues together and identify the shooter before he strikes again.
But first they must have a little sit down and a coffee. Maybe check the news..

Sophie specializes in ‘Honey Traps’. She catches cheating men in the act. She doesn’t like it, but hey, it pays. Her world is filled with perverts, sticking their hands, and other body parts, where they are not wanted.

Sophie’s life is pieced together through hot headed boyfriends, a loan shark, a poor couple with a baby on the way, a mysterious gangster and a catfish.

Can Beckwith and Galloway get their act together to catch Sophie’s shooter?

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