Playing With Chopsticks

Creator: James Abney
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 17 and older
After the meeting between him and his Chinese girlfriend's strict parents goes terribly wrong, one average white man is forced to win her parents respect, while trying to defeat her handsome suitor and former flame, all during her sister's traditional Chinese wedding.
Synopsis: “Playing with Chopsticks” is a fish-out-of-water story about Jimmy, a hardworking and laid back white man, who is head over heels for his Chinese girlfriend, Jenny. Although they’ve been dating for two years, he’s never met her parents and for good reason; when he finally does he makes a fool out of himself and causes her parents to call in a reinforcement, being Jenny’s former flame and now successful doctor, Danreb.

Now in addition to trying to earn Jenny’s parents’ respect, Jimmy must now out-shine the overly-handsome Danreb, all during the most important day of Jenny’s sister’s life; her wedding day. Now Jimmy is literally outnumbered and must convince Jenny, in whatever way necessary, that he’s more deserving of her than Danreb.

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