The Liberty Club

Creator: Marianne Aleck
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 13 and older
In this true story, a Greek American WWII paratrooper from a patriotic family meets and marries a French beauty from a dysfunctional home life, only to find they both have to confront his wandering eye.
Synopsis: The Liberty Club is based on the true life events of Johnny and Monique, the author's parents. In 1938 fourteen year old Johnny is captivated with his Greek immigrant father, Gus’s, endearing tale of setting eyes for the first time on Lady Liberty. As Independence Day rolls around a small town parade marches by, and with it, the celebration overflows into Gus’s bar the Liberty Club.

Fast forward to 1942, the Liberty Club has become home-away-from-home for charismatic Johnny and younger brother Nick helping ‘Pops” after school, and entertaining the patrons with beer keg races and family banter. Later, at a Greek party, a man mentions his son has enlisted into the Army. In a heart-to-heart, Johnny tells his father that he and his brother are also prepared to "leave all this behind" to fight for their country.

An ocean away Mademoiselle Monique, a sheltered, naive French beauty, lives a nightmare existence under German occupation. They witness first hand and up close the atrocities of war. But the Nazi’s aren’t her only torment, as her family treads lightly under the abuse of Monique’s alcoholic father.

Meanwhile, Johnny is baptized into war after shooting his first German soldier on the front lines of Anzio. When he and thousands of fellow paratroopers parachute behind enemy lines in the South of France, Monique’s family and the other Niçois scramble to the hills for safety. After Nice is liberated a chance meeting brings the handsome pair together. The two are smitten, and an innocent courtship follows, but war is a fast moving machine, and Johnny’s battalion drives on to continue the fight.

With good reason Monique is wrought with worry when she learns that her Johnny is fighting in the Ardennes - aka, the Battle of the Bulge. Dodging death at every turn, miraculously, Johnny survives, and soon they have a June wedding. After the war, Monique is unable to secure passage on a Liberty Ship, so Johnny must return to America without her. A hero’s welcome at the Liberty Club ensues, but it isn't long before Johnny’s old Tom-cat ways lead him astray.

All decked out in his new suit, Johnny is approached by jezebel Darla, who eventually persuades Johnny to do the unthinkable; write a Dear John letter to his wife still in France. Act three determines the outcome of this true life story, and with it, the the inner strength Monique musters to confront the cheating man she loves - for better or worse.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Marianne's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The Liberty Club is a script adaptation of my book of the same title. The book spans over 100 years, so I focused on the chapters that are praised on Amazon by book reviewers; the WWII scenes and romance between Johnny and Monique.