The Exalted

Creator: Tracy Riggins
Age rating: 13 and older
One hundred years after his mother cast a spell that saved him from death, Deacon learns his soul is the key to battle between good and evil.
Synopsis: Deacon Bartlett is not alive. Not alive and not dead. For over one hundred years he has spent his nights fighting beasts in the shadows and lurking in the cemetery that holds the bodies of his family and is supposed to hold his own. He remembers nothing of his former life. He has questions. He is about to get answers.

When local comic book shop owner, self-proclaimed prophet and proven geek Justin shows up, he informs Deacon about his past and what destiny awaits him. Through visions, Justin learns that Deacon’s soul is the bargaining chip in releasing menacing soul reaper, Deniach, from his contract with Hell.

Deacon and Justin along with Zoe, the woman Deacon has fallen in love with, soon learn they all play a part in destroying Deniach and sending him back to Hell where he belongs. Netherworld baddies start coming out of the woodwork as Deniach gets closer and closer to harvesting Deacon’s soul. Will Deacon and company be defeated leaving the souls on earth ripe for the picking or will they prevail paying the ultimate cost for victory?

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