Creator: Tracy Riggins
Age rating: 13 and older
Fifteen years after surviving a night that left her parents dead, Laiken returns to her hometown to find answers by confronting the only other person who was in the house that night… her imaginary friend.
Synopsis: Laiken had the childhood most kids would dream of. A beautiful house in a small, everyone knows everyone kind of town and two devoted parents who loved her very much. She had it all until young Laiken’s world came crashing down late one night when she discovered the bloodied bodies of her parents.
Fifteen years later, an entity from her past resurfaces causing her to question what really happened that devastating night. With her best friend Kiera tagging along, Laiken returns to her quaint hometown in hopes of finding closure and perhaps solving the mystery of who killed her parents.
With the ghostly figure of her imaginary friend becoming more threatening and the townsfolk watching and questioning her every move, Laiken decides the answers she is searching for can be found only in one place. Laiken returns to her childhood home and realizes the shocking truth of who murdered her parents.

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