Windows of Her Soul

Age rating: 13 and older
Joseph has had recurring visions and dreams most of his life of the same mysterious woman with red hair. He believes someday he will finally meet her and live happily ever after but things aren't quite as he expects.
Synopsis: After the first thirty years of Joseph's life of having recurring visions and dreams of a mysterious woman with red hear, he finally meets her, but she isn't what he was expecting.

She is blind. He has been dreaming and having visions of her because she is his twin sister, separated soon after birth. Joseph finds things out about his parents he never knew.

Before he discovered his twin sister he falls in love with her sister and she falls in love with him. He freaks out when he discovers he may have fallen in love with his sister.

He meets his father that he has little memory of and why his mother refused to talk about him. He finds out why his sister is blind.

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