Tornado Rider Rhodes

Creator: stevie T
Age rating: Everyone
A larger-than-life cargo pilot with one rule, no passengers, finds that to save her airline she must transport a person halfway around the globe while protecting them from ninjas and Nazis, yet delivery could mean the end of the world.
Synopsis: The legend begins in the cornfields of Iowa 1908 when a tornado rips through a small town and carries off an infant child. The child is discovered two days later unscathed in a field, adopted by the entire town and re-christen Tornado Rider Rhodes.

The story then catapults to the skies over Mainland China circa 1938 where war with the Japanese brews and we find Tornado Rider Rhodes piloting a cargo plane along with her trusty sidekick and co-pilot Whiskey Callahan as their flight is interrupted by stowaway Japanese soldiers bent on hijacking the plane. Soldiers subdued, the cargo and prisoners are re-routed to some friends at the gateway to Tibet. It is here that Rhodes reconnects with a spiritual master and learns of her destiny to battle evil and save the world.

Then when an attempt to wrest control of her airline is revealed it sets the stage for an action-packed adventure involving an heirloom samurai sword and a newly discovered flying saucer as they are chased out of China by ninjas and into Canada trying to deliver a human cargo who holds the key to unlocking an ancient mystery. It is here they come across a menacing adversary and a Nazi conspiracy to win World War II before it starts.

Many obstacles lie in their path and are overcome with spectacular cinematic set pieces that interweave organically throughout the narrative. The tone creates a balance between serious action and a wry tongue-in-cheek approach to this sweeping tale while utilizing subversion and reinvention of tropes and clichés to great effect in keeping the story fresh.

Latest Work

  • Script 2 - stevie's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Revision #2 - Develop Rhodes' emotional arc into the third act more fully. Rework Callahan's dialogue and motivation throughout. Uncompress the third act and refine the pacing to better match the first two acts. Add a tag scene.

All Work

  • Script 1 - stevie's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    The tenor creates a harmony between serious action and witty dialogue delivered through infectious banter in this highly polished character driven tale that deftly employs subversion and reinvention of tropes and clichés to keep the story fresh and contemporary without corrupting its period sensibility and all the while deconstructing the dogma of the institutionalized motion picture hero myth.