Blood Rose

Creator: Mike Atkinson
Age rating: 17 and older
A driven Junior FBI Agent is hell-bent on bringing her partner's killer to justice, going outside the law issuing any means necessary.
Synopsis: Ellen James is the shining star of the F.B.I.’s Washington Bureau and its “Special Crimes Unit”. Through training and partnership with “Special Agent In Charge” Gabriel Wallace, Ellen is on the fast track to “Senior Agent” status at only 27. Needing a “signature case” to bolster her resume, her team is assigned to capture female terrorist bomber Cassandra St. Vincent, responsible for killing an important friend of the U.S. President’s aboard his luxury yacht during a party along with many others.

Ellen dives in headfirst with the case, alarming Gabriel with her zeal. The team uses an Informant to track down Cassandra's “associate”, a Chemist that provided her with materials for her yacht bomb. They track her path of bloodshed to an abandoned office outside of town. Gabriel finds the Informant, but no Cassandra. After speaking with her via telephone, it's revealed that the F.B.I. are hot on her trail, prompting Cassandra to kill the Informant and Gabriel and injure Ellen.

After recovering and being suspended by her boss Director Evans, Ellen takes weapons provided by Gabriel’s wife Desiree, what she’s been taught by Gabriel and her determination to capture Cassandra, tracking her to Chicago, via intel provided by a Support Technician named Travis. There, she not only has to contend with Cassandra, but wage a physical and mental battle with Quentin, Cassandra’s handler, who won’t give up his top hand easily and also evade her colleagues from the F.B.I., who Evans sends to subdue her. Ellen’s struggle for justice will take her all over Chicago, highlighted by a destructive car chase with Cassandra, and a fiery final fight in an old factory. After defeating Cassandra and barely escaping the factory, she makes peace with Gabriel at his gravesite, and is informed by Evans that he was the one who “orchestrated” her going after Cassandra. She is immediately reinstated and restarts her path to “Senior Agent”. Upon leaving, she discovers a rose on her car seat with a note from Cassandra, indicating she’s still alive.

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