The Garbage Collector

Age rating: Everyone
This is a story about a man who found the Staff of Moses
Synopsis: The story centers around a man who lost his job in the airline company, post 9/11 tragedy. Soon after he applies for a job with the city council and applies for a job as a garbage collector. He goes to Egypt on a free holiday as part of the retrenchment. While there he is confronted by bandits who came into his room. While touring the area he falls into a cave and found the Staff of Moses. Subsequently he is captured by the same bandits. With the help of some friends he escaped after plundering the bandits fortress. He returns to the USA with renewed vigor and one girl in his mind. He starts his job as a garbage collector, becoming more attracted to his boss. He helps her to become Mayor of the town. He is let down after finding out that she is going to be married and decides to leave town. At the same time there is a terrorists' attack in an airplane carrying her and the First Lady, Vice-President. The plane crashes and sinks into the San Francisco Bay and He uses the Staff of Moses to part the river and save everybody.

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