The Beard

Creator: Amanda Araque
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
When a die-hard fangirl discovers that her Hollywood crush has been faking being straight, she blackmails him into making her his celebrity girlfriend.
Synopsis: High school senior Leslie Miller is a month away from graduation. She's not especially worried about her future as she has been accepted to an renowned liberal arts school on the East Coast. However, she does worry her part-time job at a nearby motel will prevent her from completing her summer to-do list, which basically revolves around watching, listening, and reading everything related to her celebrity crush Dylan Donavan. Leslie and her best friend Tom are absolutely obsessed with him, with good reason; Dylan is a total hottie. He's got abs for days and piercing blues eyes you can' t look away from. But he's also extremely talented, bringing depth and realism to every character he plays.

One evening during Leslie's overnight shift at the motel two mysterious men ask for a room. At first she thinks nothing of it, but after further inspection she realizes that one of the men is Dylan Donovan. Dylan and the second guest don't ask for much except a room with two beds and lots of privacy. Leslie keeps her cool, but immediately texts Tom the news who doesn't believe her. Leslie knows she may never get the chance to see Dylan in person again so she decides to set her moral standards aside and creep on him. As she films him through his window Leslie watches as Dylan and his mysterious companion begin to make-out! Hardcore! She screams "HE'S GAY!?", exposing herself, and climbs into the window of the room next door.

Right before Dylan barges into the room, Leslie tosses her phone out the window. Dylan and his guest, Kenny, Dylan's hairstylist, demand for the footage to be destroyed. Leslie use his bargaining (begging) skills to convince Dylan to let her play his fake girlfriend for a month. He eventually concedes, under the condition that Leslie gets a head-to-toe makeover. Leaving out the juicy details, Leslie informs Tom of her arrangement with D.D. Tom is floored, but agrees to not ask too many questions and join Leslie in her charade. He agrees to hold onto her phone, unbeknownst to him the footage it contains.

The month of being a fake-girlfriend runs quite smoothly with only some minor bumps in the road. It's not until Leslie meets Dylan's (straight) stunt double Wyatt on a filmset that things go awry. At dinner, Leslie asks Dylan for his permission to date Wyatt, and Dylan refuses accusing her of sleeping her way into the industry. Furious, Leslie storms out. When Dylan asks her about the phone she informs him that Tom has it. Dylan attempts to seduce Tom to get Leslie's phone from him, but is caught by both Leslie and his beau Kenny. Outraged, Kenny takes Leslie's phone and leaks the video. Dylan has to come out of the closet and hope society accepts him for who he truly is.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Amanda's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I attempted to set the film in the 80s or 90s, but I think the plot works well (if not better) in the present.