My Pastor's Wife

Creator: Natasha JOHNIGAN
Genre: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
My Pastor’s Wife deals with homosexuality, Hiv/AIDS, Black Lives Matter, and most of all finding that “desire to be loved” in mysterious places.
Synopsis: Broken. Betrayed. Abused. Lost. Forsaken. We all have a story, a past and a future.

My Pastor’s Wife will dive inside the lives of Christians, their faith and their shortcomings.

Before My Pastor’s Wife became First Lady Paula Michaels, she had a past full of unspeakable trials.

Pastor Michaels, suave, well spoken and easy on the eyes, possessed a gift of spiritual teaching. He delivered the word with passion and fire! Pastor Michaels also had a fire for beautiful woman.

Watch how Pastor Michaels past resurfaces and challenges his faith. From the church's financial hardship to discovering he’d never have kids with his wife, Pastor Michaels drowned himself in the ministry.
Lady Paula suffered on the other hand, however she occupied her time pretty well.

Episode unfold of The Michaels adopted son, Chad, who turns out to be Pastor Michaels biological son.

A sassy foreign housekeeper who keeps things spicy adds much flavor

for your tasting.

My Pastor’s Wife will deal with homosexuality, drug abuse, infidelity, adultery, mental illness and many other struggles.

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