Then Came The Rain

Age rating: 17 and older
A truck driver’s wife is burned to death when a police car collides with hers, during a high-speed pursuit of an illegal street racer. With the help of his, son, daughter, aging father-in-law, and friends, they plan to rid the LA area of as many street racers as possible.
Synopsis: Spending most of his truck driving career-delivering gasoline at night, he has become well acquainted with the LA city nightlife. Everybody knows Big Joe Mckinta. While serving in the Army as an M.P., he learned martial arts, specializing in batons. In his younger years, he raced stock cars at the ascot raceway, where he specialized in demolition derbies and figure eight racing. His life is suddenly turned upside down when his wife is burned to death during a high-speed police pursuit of an illegal street racer. With the help of his son, daughter, aging father-in-law, a crazy dog, and over two hundred wayward schoolgirls, he devises and carries out a plan to rid the LA area of all street racers.
If you are like most people that have driven the streets and freeways of L.A., you have experienced a certain amount of road rage at one time or another. Remember sitting in your car, listing to your favorite music, just taking it easy. Then all of a sudden, zoom, a street racer passes you at a high rate of speed, tale gating you and everybody around you. The person behind the wheel is obviously not concerned with your life, his life, or anyone’s around you. You look around for a cop but no one is around. You feel frustrated, screaming at him, knowing he can’t hear you.
Anyone that has ever owned, driven, or ridden in a car in most any city in the United States today, or has ever watched the news on TV or read a newspaper, are witnessing this growing phenomenon.
The time is the very near future. The illegal street racers have grown from small car clubs to violent street gangs. They are out of control, roaming the streets at night. They have grown to the point that the police have little effect. When they first started out, they were small midnight car clubs, racing down some deserted street somewhere, not really bothering anybody. Violence is the new word for the night. The cities are being overrun with thousands of street racers. They are multiplying like cockroaches. When the sun goes down, they come out and scurry around, racing from one place to another, in search of self-pleasure. The name “street racers” is now “street ragers.”
Now many unscrupulous profiteers seek to line their pockets by promoting street racing. Car makers are building faster-looking sports cars and advertising them as the ultimate street racing machines, instead of the gas-saving compacts that used to sell. Movie producers are making movies showing illegal street racers as heroes. They are sending the message, it’s OK to break the law, like hijacking trucks, as long as it’s for a good cause, like supporting their cars and their night lifestyles.
This story takes place in the near future. Many of the events in it have happened or are happening right now. It involves all people in all lifestyles. It is sure to attract many viewers.

Latest Work

  • Script 1 - Steven Lewis's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Big Joe Mckinta has his own way of dealing with the city at night. He isn’t a cop; he’s just a truck driver, trying to make a living, supporting a family. His way has worked fine until his wife is killed because of a street racer. Now the rules have changed.