"Zzans take back their Legend tour"

Creator: Chase
Age rating: Everyone
Mind shattering, notoriously threatening.... a legend hovering about the Zzans, their dreams; adventures, but soon the Legend meets it's it's impending doom during the revitalization of the Zzans talent show.
Synopsis: Hello, good day to you. I believe I have hollywoods next biggest animated blockbuster.
I am registred with w.g.a. "ZZans take back legend tour, is a family fun pack 2hr adventure
film which has global appeal towards chidren as well as adults. It's about a zany, exotic looking
select group of animals who come from all around the world to participate in the 100th annual
Shadowland Summer Music Fest. It is located in a far off land set up high in Shadowland Country
currantly near the Shadowland borders of Zanzwellop. It has landmarks that keep intuned
with a one of a kind forest.

The Shadowland Forest is also known for a threatening phenomenonal legend
called the Zanzabelt. The elder ZZans are all to familiar with the legend as their
namesake, the ZZans (A.K.A zanimals) stem from. If ever the ZZans are caught
at a 90 degree angle at a time when the Zanzabelt is a bit irritable, suddenly
here comes this thralling sphere of searing heat hurled at the ZZans.
When hit, the ZZans cerebral talents are tossed in to a vortex of the unknown.
Their speech, walk, musical talents all party to a backwards way of being,
literally. Only antidote, is the temperment of the Zanzabelt; at the time they are under attack.

The untimely escapades of this wrected novice, often times hovers ever so stealthly
in between practice sessions (talent show) and everyday living among the ZZans.
There is a moral of the story at the end as well as a planned wedding for two of the Zzans.

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