Creator: Matt Nye
Genre: Horror
Age rating: 17 and older
After venturing down a secluded back road, a young city couple finds themselves on the run from country residents who, for their own protection, mean to sacrifice them to a sinister woodland evil.
Synopsis: "Venor" is a tale of modern horror with nods to late 70’s, early 80’s classics. It’s a slasher picture with satanic worship and sacrifice, a backwoods encounter pitting a city couple against country residents.

Relocating from Chicago to Richmond, BRET (early 30’s) and GWEN (late 20’s) are off-roaded in rural West Virginia. Picked up by a deer hunter and brought back to his cabin, they desperately try to piece together who is targeting them.

Struggling to trust the outsider and his home, the couple quickly learns they are pawns to the occult.

The town they’ve passed through holds a dark, terrifying secret… a sinister woodland evil.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Pitch Video
    Creative Notes:
    Extensive 30 page pitch deck available with budget, cast, camera, location, marketing, and publicity information.
  • Script 1 - Matt's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Revised off festival circuit. 1st film in a franchise. Low budget horror. Ambiguous ending meant to set up next film. (Extensive 30 page Pitch Deck available with budget information, cast, etc.)