Creator: Ray Templin
Age rating: Everyone
Although you may be different, the best you can give the World is to be yourself.
Synopsis: Prairie dogs living on the Great Plains of the American West have developed a series of whistle codes to alert their village to danger from hungry predators. These codes are learned in Early Warning School by all the young pups. If you were the only prairie dog ever that could not whistle, you'd be a liability to your village, an embarrassment to your elders and a source of mockery to your peers - even the one you're sweet on.

"WHISTLE" is the heart-warming story of Paco, that special young prairie dog, setting out heartbroken and alone on an exciting adventure to find where he belongs and where he can fit in.

Paco is soon befriended by Duke, a wandering desert rat who saves his life from a hawk and rattlesnake.

He is sent on a quest by Packy, a pack rat who operates a pawn-shop-like business in an old mine and claims to be able to help in return for retrieving a mysterious stolen object - a railroad pocket watch that Packy is infatuated by.

He is rescued from a flash flood by a pair of bickering beavers. Paco frees Rosie, his sweetheart, trapped in flood debris and she realizes just how special Paco is.

The quest leads Paco, Rosie and Duke to an abandoned human town, now inhabited by ferrets. The three are captured and are about to become dinner when the ferrets' evil Badger leader learns that Paco cannot whistle the warning codes. As Paco notices the watch prominently displayed on the wall in the Badger's office, the Badger hatches a plan to invade the entire prairie dog village using Paco as a sign that all is safe.

Playing on the mental weakness of two ferret guardians and after much chasing and shenanigans, Paco, Rosie and Duke eventually trigger a bison stampede which flattens what remains of the human town. Paco is discovered in the rubble, clutching the watch.

Packy is overjoyed to get the watch back and rewards Paco with a small, but very loud silver whistle on a lanyard. Heading back to the prairie dog village, Duke bids Paco and Rosie farewell to follow his urge to wander.

Outside the village, a pack of hungry coyotes are staking right past a sleeping-on-the-job novice sentinel. They are too far away for the village to hear Rosie's whistle, but Paco blows his new whistle, startling the coyotes into retreat. The villagers, including the Early Warning School Sergeant, don't believe Paco blew the warning until he proudly demonstrates his whistle. He is welcomed back home - a hero.

Classic family entertainment with lovable NEW characters, wonderful songs, and a sweet story with a positive message: the best you can give to the World is to be yourself.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - "Whistle sizzle"
    Creative Notes:
    "WHISTLE" is an original animated musical feature film. This video features storyboard style sketches, sample songs and a synopsis of the story. A complete script exists as well as a "look book."