Training Camp

Creator: William Hays
Age rating: Everyone
A veteran NFL quarterback goes to Japan where advanced treatments rebuild his atrophied frontal lobes. He enters Democratic primaries and goes to his team's Training Camp for the publicity. Brain implant link him to first doctor to receive similar implants.
Synopsis: The heart of the story is the experience of a pro quarterback who returns to Training Camp after highly-experimental treatments in Japan. Most sports movies show a sport with trademarks protection, like the NBA or Major League Baseball. Instead of games where the players wear helmets and uniforms, this Story takes place at a Training Camp.

George Kennedy was the team's QB for seven seasons, after three years as a back-up. He goes to camp to meet old friends and sign autographs, flirt with cheerleaders and do television interviews. The younger players challenge him. George isn't sure that his treatments will withstand the rigors of camp, but as a veteran, he doesn't have to. The question is, if you know you have symptoms from previous concussions, can you let it go?

I would like to find something similar to the "kneeling during the national anthem" that fans don't like, but an evolution, a similar protest that might take place five years from now.

When George was in high school, he was the biggest kid on the football team, and they made him a defensive player who sacked opposing quarterbacks. If a player has a concussion and is bleeding inside his brain, that is the time when catastrophic damage occurs if there is a second trauma to the damaged area. George suffered serious trauma and bleeds at a school that didn't have a team doctor. Now his frontal lobes have atrophied to a third of normal size. Once he got to college, he switched to QB and learned to play around his injury.

Act One shows how his daily life is affected by brain injuries he wasn't aware of. This is a pro athlete who was among the most gifted of his generation.

Act Two shows the Treatments that grow a second brain inside the vacant spaces where his frontal lobes used to be

Act Three shows a future Presidential debate where he explains why the NFL protests referred to serious problems, like the shootings by Michael Slager and Betty Shelby. George's doctors in Japan think registering as a candidate for President would give them all the right kind of publicity, against a future time when their discoveries are submitted for approval by American agencies. George has a lot of say. He explains why "kneeling during the national anthem" is a sign of respect. Not disrespect. As symbolic speech, George knelt in memory of friends who killed. In the first year of the kneeling protests, at least 222 black Americans were killed by police or government officials. He kneels to honor their memory.

Act Four shows him returning to Training Camp, where young athletes who went high in the Draft want one last chance to play with the "Old Man" who holds all the records.

Act Five shows him during a political campaign where he runs for Vice President, and he realizes that the Democrat at the top of the ticket got an even more advanced brain upgrade from the same Japanese researchers.

This script answers several questions and poses many more. First, does anyone understand why NFL players started protesting during the National Anthem? Are media outlets (ESPN) deliberately not covering the "black lives matter" that was the subject of an October cover story in Time magazine?

I see the protests as a Free Speech issue. Should pro athletes lose the right to speak on sensitive political issues as a condition of their employment? What if they're in jobs that depend on subjective evaluations by owners and coaches? I support any American who speaks on political issues, whether they're marching in Ferguson, Missouri under the scrutiny of police armed with military weapons, or saying they prefer "Season's Greetings" to "Merry Christmas." Symbolic speech is protected by the First Amendment, but the larger issue is, our Constitution was written 200 years ago in a "pre-Science culture" that wouldn't consider Evolution and Darwin's theories for another 50 years. Symbolic speech is one way Americans can ask for changes. If change would take a new Amendment to the constitution, how do you start asking for new Amendments if you can't disagree with the current versions.

We've learned that the Democratic National Committee limited the candidates who opposed Hillary Clinton in the debates. I think the format cried out for an articulate black man or woman on the platform.

Finally, there are many ways to write this script. It can be political. It can be science fiction. The Hero can receive medical treatments that totally cure his traumatic brain injury, or we can admit that some concussion injuries will never be cured, that these athletes will die before the American government approves most possible treatments currently in development.

What this script needs.... is the Development Process. If a studio wants to make this idea, they need to help decide which one of ten possible directions it can do. I thought a NFL Training Camp would be a place to show athletes without helmets, to get to know them as characters and people with multiple dimensions. But another director might focus on the technology that repairs the brain. Does Amazon want a science fiction movie or a sports movie? This could be either.

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  • Script 16 - William's 16th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Disney and Marvel's "The Black Panther" expands the thinking on what political issues the international movie market will accept. George Kennedy already entered American politics, but I'm adding more Candidates who debate prison conditions and "Black Lives matter."
  • Script 15 - William's 15th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Added an American soldier as George's second partner, who has an implant to gather data on his CTE that is too advanced for most surgeries. Removed Trayvon Martin because it kept George from getting to Training Camp, but it would be one of the issues in a political debate for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Wanted to show George's personality has changed and he's smarter.
  • Script 14 - William's 14th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Last night "60 Minutes" compared the brain injury from combat with football. This is the hottest topic going right now. I was going to make a comedy version of "Training Camp" focusing on cheerleaders not being able to take part in the kneeling protest, and push George's brain surgery back to a more serious sequel. This program changed my mind. The problem is too serious.
  • Script 13 - William's 13th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I wanted one script for Reviewers. This is it! Doesn't have the Romance, but I'm open for suggestions. If this is a Sports Movie, do we want the NFL quarterback involved in a Romance as complex as "Casablanca"? Wanted a movie where black people were "ordinary" and yet the Cutting Edge of Science Fiction where real-life millionaires are improving human intelligence.
  • Script 12 - William's 12th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    A revision that adds another fund raiser, and starts the Great Romance... which is the beating Heart of his time at Training Camp.
  • Script 11 - William's 11th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    George Kennedy's brain implant is very advanced. In the sequel, the technology behind his Treatment in Japan comes from Hijo Walker, the billionaire who owns the Clinic. We learn Hijo lost his wife to cancer and was suicidal, went on spectacular mountain hikes in Norway as his bucket list. First movie creates a Mystery when things happen to George Kennedy that he can't explain.
  • Script 10 - William's 10th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    In a Democratic Pres debate, a former Attorney General defends his decision to open an investigation for hate crimes in the death of Trayvon Martin. George Kennedy has changed since he marched for justice in that case. He sees the Trayvon case as the worst travesty of the American legal system persecuting an innocent man. George destroys the former AG on television and launches his own career.
  • Script 9 - William's 9th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    After finding his Mother's body, George's emotions are uploaded to his implant AI and to his two partners. AI replays memories of Mom's passion over the Trayvon Martin case. George uses memories when he debates Hillary at Democratic Party debate. The candidates should talk about recent events, so I created fictional protests of a Trayvon documentary to make them current.
  • Script 8 - William's 8th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Before George's mother is abducted, she uses a computer to show photos on the big screen TV during half-time. Also, during commercials, which annoys George but he keeps quiet and goes to the kitchen for food. Trayvon becomes a major topic in the Presidential debate. Wanted to show that George liked politics but not as much as football.
  • Script 7 - William's 7th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I changed the nature of George's treatments in Japan. Now he gets enough stem cells to build him a new brain, but he also gets an implant that allows high-speed transfer of information with other brains that have similar implants. This allows George to re-build his missing memories from another patient's childhood, which alters George's personality every time they a new partnere. Also, romance.
  • Script 6 - William's 6th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    One of the "new studios" (like Amazon Studios) makes a documentary about the innocence of George Zimmerman when Trayvon Martin was killed. Protests spring up all over America, with violence that seems to have no explanation. Tensions are high over the Presidential election where a black candidate takes on incumbent Trump
  • Script 5 - William's 5th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I wanted to show the President of the United States, Donald Trump, leading opposition to NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem. This is a Controversy that is still evolving.
  • Script 4 - William's 4th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    A paper on the technology that could repair a damaged brain... tough reading because current medical science doesn't know how.
  • Script 3 - William's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    After his brain is repaired, George pays the fees to become a Democratic candidate for President in the next election. We see how the brain implants have radically improved his thought process. Before going to Japan, he couldn't remember faces of friends he had known for years. I wanted to show what his Talking Points are in a separate page.
  • Script 2 - William's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is a separate page for the Romance. The first woman in George's life is his mother. She protects him from proposing to women before he's ready. It's possible that he loses his temper and injures her. She gets frequent visits from a local pastor. When George goes to Japan for treatment, they get married. When George returns and gets involved in politics, he dates different types.
  • Script 1 - William's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Science fiction offers hope for making humans more intelligent. But are the advances going to be available in time for today's athletes suffering brain damage? What if the Presidential Debates allowed a "Black lives matter" candidate to challenge Hillary Clinton or her successor?