Dhani Ka Digicam - child trafficking docudrama

Creator: sourabh vyas
Age rating: Everyone
It’s a docudrama film based on child trafficking in Indian villages.
Synopsis: Kriti, a 22 year old carefree NRI girl comes to India for a summer vacation with her family.
She travels to a rural place in Uttar Pradesh along with her family, as her father wants to
show the culture of India. After a while, Kriti and her younger brother Shetu get. They
find a handy cam left in between the bushes; they got surprised by finding a handy cam
in this forest. They start shooting with the camera in the forest throughout the day.
While rewinding Kriti finds some footage which reveals an unexpected
conspiracy. The footage reveals about a 14 year old mute girl named Dhani, who won the
camera in a Hyper Biscuit scratch card offer. Dhani lost her parents in her childhood and
lives with her maternal uncle and grandmother. Dhani places it in her small school bag
making a hole in it, to hide it from her uncle and others. Meanwhile, Dhani’s uncle wants
to send dhani to Mumbai, for her treatment so she can speak. Dhani is happy that she
can speak after the treatment. In a mysterious turn, few conversations between dhani’s
uncle and grandmother gets recorded in the camera, and Dhani comes to know that
she is not going to Mumbai for treatment but it’s a part of the plan of selling her for
prostitution. Helpless Dhani tries to reveal it to local police. But everyone in the village
are involved in the conspiracy. Dhani tries to save herself in a chase from her uncle and
finally manages to hide the camera in the forest.
Kriti gets shocked looking at the footage from the camera. Kriti decides to
save Dhani from the conspiracy. She goes to village in search of Dhani. It’s a journey
of humanity, a journey of compassion.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Dhani Ka Digicam
    Creative Notes:
    In a shocking revelation by a leading newspaper from Europe - a 13 year old virgin girl called Suli near the town of Bharatpur of Rajasthan is up for sale on a highway. The highest bidder is expected to fetch the family Rs.20,000.