Church Chick

Creator: Michelle Carey
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
A sexually oppressed religious woman is forced to play evil games when confronted by her boyfriend's deranged stalker who to her surprise is her best friend.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Sabrina is a church receptionist. She is an attractive woman by all means, but she hides her beauty; even though she desires to be sexy. Her parents are very protective of her. She has always put the good of others above her own needs and as such, has unfulfilled dreams.

Blair is the complete opposite of Sabrina. She works in a bar in the city and she has had a hard life. She didn’t know who her father was and her mother was an alcoholic. Blair always had to scrape and claw her way to get by. Blair is in love with her roommate Tobin. The love for him drives her to complete insanity.

One night Blair and Tobin slept together and the dynamic of their friendship changed. Blair fell in love and Tobin didn’t feel the same and he decided to leave. Tobin meets Sabrina and he begins to date her. Sabrina also befriends Blair unknowingly, and doesn't know about the relationship between Blair and Tobin. A love triangle ensues with Blair fighting low and dirty and Sabrina attempting to take the high road, but realizing she can’t, she has to learn how to play the games that evil women play to clear her name and maybe have another shot at a relationship with Tobin.

Sabrina is looking for a new life outside of the church and her religious parents; this includes being in her first real love relationship. Blair is looking to win Tobin back at all costs and doesn’t care who she has to hurt to show him that he should be with her.

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