"Can I Play" Sports

Creator: karen reese
Age rating: Everyone
In a society where ease and accessibility are disregarded by reality, parents of student athletes unite their stories of the challenges of guiding their student athletes & families, in efforts to give back to the community by sharing the playbook of sports to the world.
Synopsis: The documentary series will bring knowledge to the parents and players regarding everything that pertains to sports and education. Each episode of “Can I Play” will consist of a parent speaking about their personal experience in their child’s choice of athletic profession. The episode will revolve around this parent’s story and will be i) narrated by an anonymous voice, breaking down the rules and laws of the sport, providing an intriguing correlation between the sports playbook, real-life experiences and athleticism.

The episode in addition will also consist of ii) an educational animated segment, with comedic undertones, and will be intermittently used to engage and educate the viewer throughout the episode, and can also be separately compiled for training purposes which coaches can use to educate and inspire their teams, iii) news clips and articles that will serve useful in providing facts about the sport and all the realms of the athletic world (i.e. navigating from pee wee to the NFL, college pursuit, endorsements/sponsorships, recruitment, career opportunities), iv) “Can We Talk: Football Moms” sports commentator shows from the perspective of the mother’s of football athletes, & v) interviews with celebrity athletes, inspirational players from each particular age group, sports commentators and experts, and most importantly, the parents.

This documentary series seeks to encourage our leaders to 1) educate, 2) equip, 3) empower, 4) inspire, and 5) lead, by introducing a modernized perspective on sports, while also staying true to the history of the game and incorporating the raw reality of the society we live in and encouraging self-accountability of all parties involved. Finding the balance between being both honest and humorous gives us the ability to “laugh at our pain” and deal with our circumstances, encouraging unification amongst all people of all colors and backgrounds, tearing down cultural barriers one educational segment at a time to reiterate that “knowledge is power”.

Message to Potential Investor:

“Can I Play” can become a household name with the right investment and team to help realize the vision. The treatment you just read ultimately provides the blueprint, or playbook, that can be utilized for ALL sports. The goal is to begin with football, which you have been able to view a prototype trailer for. We do not expect you to premiere this trailer or pilot episode, but merely use it to gain an understanding about the foundation of “Can I Play” and the possibilities of what each season/episode could look like. Thank you for taking the time to review our proposal. We are looking forward to discussing further our concepts and our ability to help bring them to life.

Established supporters – Damon Sayles (ESPN Commentator), Geno Collins (CBS), Paul Simmons (NFL Agent), Courtney Jackson (Former NFL Player & Active Youth Advocate), and Clay Mack & David Robinson (NFL Trainers & Active Youth Advocates).

Potential Expansion & Marketing Opportunities: 1) Animated Training Tutorials – The “Gold Post Posse” will discuss a subject during each episode that will allow players and coaches to learn about the particular sport’s industry. These tutorials can be combined onto DVD and distributed to different sports organizations. 2) Sports App (for phone) – where resources and information can be provided such as sports statistics and facts, opportunities (i.e. career and team recruitment), etc. 3) Youth Sports & Education Camp 4) Adult Workshops & Seminars – basically camp for adults where they can come learn and gain information they need. Football Professional and Celebrity speakers. Etc. Workshops specifically designed for parents can also be incorporated. 5) Paraphernalia (including clothing line) 6) YouTube “Can I Play Sports” – compiling shorter compilations and recordings of all of our efforts allowing users to always remain up-to-date on all that is sports. 7) “Can I Play?: Life” Documentary Series – similar to “Can I Play?: Sports”, but each episode will include all aspects of life (i.e. Finances, Addictions, Etc.) 8) “Can I Play?: Uncut” Documentary Series – the hard truths and realities of the particular sports industry exposed (i.e. bribery, hazing, drugs, sex scandals, etc.)

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    Creative Notes:
    Each episode of “Can I Play” will consist of 1) narrator, 2) animation , 3) fact based footage (i.e. news clips), and 4) interviews (i.e. parents, athletes, sports professionals and celebrity guests); Each season will feature a different sport, with this pilot season focusing around football. Each episode will offer an animated training segment featuring the “Gold Post Posse”.