Creator: Travis Turcotte
Age rating: 17 and older
Dis functional crew of a mercenary ship blunder thought the universe.
Synopsis: This is the story of the ship Virgil. The Capt put a crew together of the best band of misfits she could fine.

Doc- One of the best con men in the sector , not really a doctor but forged papers and a resume to escape debt. He uses Web MD and his compelling personality to fake his way to success.

Ed- One of the best trained marines the military ever had. However the man has baggage and is very literally a loose cannon.

Tip- One of the brightest scientists of our time. Driven for the need to explore and invent he found his part on this team as the science expert and systems specialist.

Stu- One of the navy's best engineers , has never lost a ship he uses unconventional means to get the job done. He is also a avid exhibitionist.

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