Going, Going, Gone

Creator: Phil Hwang
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: 13 and older
When a college freshman gets dumped by her boyfriend because she refuses to go all the way, she puts her virginity up for auction to find out what it's really worth.
Synopsis: Tagline: "If you're giving it away, how much can it be worth?"

When incurable romantic and college freshman Hope Armstrong gets dumped by her boyfriend Ben because she refuses to go all the way, she puts her virginity up for auction on the Internet to find out what it is really worth. An opportunistic journalism student takes the act of heartbreak and frustration and makes it into a national story. Movie star Steve Stone comes to woo Hope and rehabilitate his scoundrel image. Porn pusher Gene Licardi makes a million dollar bid to create publicity for his crumbling empire of filth. Ben tries to win Hope back but is pushed further away when Hope's jealous roommate Janine puts her claws into him. As the auction ends, who will have the highest bid in this romantic comedy about a girl becoming a woman?

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  • Test Movie 2 - Animatic
    Creative Notes:
    The download looks so much better! The DVD version looks fantastic. Email me if you would like to see it on DVD.
  • Test Movie 1 - Rough Cut - Sample
    Creative Notes:
    I am posting this sample to direct people to it and be in compliance with using the Amazon music and sound effects.
  • Script 5 - Phil's 5th Draft
  • Script 4 - Phil's 4th Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Certain character motivations were clarified and inconsistencies were addressed. Looks perfect in MS Word (2004) Page Layout. Not so great in normal view or with text edit. Used pdftoword converter.
  • Script 3 - Phil's 3rd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I worked on making the love interest Ben more likable. The screenplay looks fine using Apple Text-edit and MS- Word Normal view although the page count is distorted.
  • Script 2 - Phil's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Note: Looks fine when read on notepad or Microsoft word in Normal View. In a page layout mode, extra pages are created. Reformatted with page numbers. Original written in Final Draft.
  • Script 1 - Phil's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    Latest draft 12/01/2010