"Becoming Death"

Creator: Matt Beckham
Age rating: 13 and older
Two inventors fight for the heart of a soldier plugged into computer generated realities meant to shape him. One inventor wants a presidential assassin; the other, a hero to liberate those enslaved to the computer generated realities that turn mankind into soulless addicts.
Synopsis: “BECOMING DEATH” Synopsis

“Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”.
Robert Oppenheimer, the inventor of the atomic bomb

Reality is a pain in the ass. Synthetic Reality is the cure.

In 2037 the dreamer/inventor SEBASTIAN FREIDMAN believes the soul of his fellow man is dead. In real life, beauty and meaning are just myths. Freidman makes myth a reality and brings fantasy to life. He creates the software for computer-generated worlds full of beauty and purpose. Worlds that are free from disease and pain that humanity can plug into and finally live the lives they always wanted. Even if those lives are computer generated: Synthetic Reality.

One man invented liberation, another man stole it to enslave.

MICAH JAKES the war profiteer tinkered with Freidman’s creation and found that Synthetic Realities could program the human mind. He stole Freidman’s dream, his invention, to make a good man into an assassin.

Jakes kidnaps the highly decorated soldier ETHAN TRENT out of a US led Black Ops. Under Micah Jakes direction a roomful of scientists create Synthetic Realities to feed into Trent’s head; realities that Trent will live through as if they were real. These realities will condition his mind, shaping him into the perfect assassin, one that takes orders without question. Jakes values Ethan for another reason, his status as a war hero gives him access to the ultimate prize: a sitting American President.

Micah Jakes takes Trent’s mind through scenario after scenario in synthetic reality. But Trent’s past life keeps intruding. He keeps projecting the person of his daughter or wife into the people and scenarios that are meant to make him a killer. Jakes and his team finally find a way: use his family against him! Send Trent into realities where he accidentally or on purpose kills a Father figure, a matriarch, a lover and even a child. With this eureka moment Micah Jakes has taken a leap forward: he will have his presidential assassin no matter what dark choices he must guide Ethan through.

Sebastian Freidman has repented of his greatest sin: creating the software that builds immersive synthetic worlds. Watching your wife die of starvation addicted to the technology you created will change a man’s heart. He see’s saving Ethan Trent as the tool that will destroy this version of his tech that trains drone like killers. Step two will be to rid the world of his invention forever.

Sebastian sends his own “synthetic reality warriors” after Ethan Trent into Micah Jakes final synthetic reality: a “Mad Max” world where a Messianic Drug Lord uses Meth Head Nazi soldier’s to kidnap the Governors daughter. As this final synthetic scenario plays out we tread the inner recesses of Ethan’s mind where he confronts all that anchors a man to his own morality: family, code, ethics and love.

Can Jakes make Trent into a drone with assassination his only aim? Or will Sebastian reach into the synthetic world to lead Trent back to the angels of his better nature, back to reality, back to life?

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