Creator: Dor Sinai
Age rating: 13 and older
Sci-Fi Trilogy (three film scripts)
A wide-span story about two friends, as one drags the other to start working for a time-travelling corporation, they explore parallel universes, love and new worlds.
Genres: Sci-Fi / Adventure / Action
Synopsis: The Hoover-Men I, II & III – Feature Script Trilogy
Genres: Sci-Fi / Adventure / Action
Mitch, a straightforward Kiwi, is talked by his best friend George, a shady salesman, into working for the same vacuum company. Mitch never realized he'd end up time-travelling for a parallel-universe corporation in order to pay off George's debt. And then subsequently fall in love with Nina, the brutal CEO, who will send him on psychotic, death-defying assignments (synopsis for The Hoover Men I).
* All three scripts are finished, meaning that the entire trilogy has been written. Thanks.

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