American Assassin

Creator: Moses San Pedro
Age rating: 13 and older
Based on my Fathers true story:
Miami cop hunts a brutal assassin for organized crime on a bloody trail of intrigue & corruption that leads to the highest level of the CIA & ultimately to a senior advisor to the President who's serving a vital position in the war on terror.
Synopsis: Based on my Fathers true story:

A Miami cop hunts a brutal assassin for organized crime on a bloody trail of intrigue and corruption that leads to the highest level of the CIA & ultimately to a senior advisor to the President who is serving a vital position in the war on terror.

American Assassin is based on a true story. It follows an investigation led by Mike Fisten, a miami cop recruited onto a secret federal task force that targets top mafia kingpins. Fisten targets Miami's biggest mafia kingpin my father, Albert San Pedro. Albert is a top political donor, who has used his money and corruption to turn himself into a pillar of the community. Albert is untouchable.

Fisten decides to bring down Miami's biggest drug lord and mafia kingpin Albert San Pedro by going after his hitman, a man known on the streets as "Alex."

Alex is reputed to have committed as many as a dozen assassinations and car bombings across North America that no police department has ever solved. "Alex" is so effective, he is believed to be the secret to Albert San Pedro's success. The FBI deems Alex a "Serial Killer for Organized Crime." Others speculate he doesn't exist at all but is instead a composite of numerous highly skilled hitman.

Fisten begins to pursue "Alex" at a time when his own personal life is in shambles. As a cop on a secret FBI task force, he's assumed numerous fake identities in order to do his job and protect his family. In addition, Fisten has a compulsive nature that makes him an outstanding cop, but lousy in every other interpersonal relationship. He is a man badly in need of personal redemption, clinging to success in his job in order to avoid dealing with this calamitous personal life.

As he purses Alex a portrait of a killer begins to emerge. That of a well spoken man, Special Forces trained and methodical. Witness emerge with details of "Alex" that stretch all credulity. They say "Alex" committed some murders while employed as a fireman paramedic who was decorated for heroic acts saving lives. They also say "Alex" worked for the US Govt in foreign countries as some kind of "spy". Some also say Alex is a devoted family man... With his numerous secret lives, "Alex" emerges as a mirror image of Detective Mike Fisten. The main difference being Alex is supposedly an ideal father to a Godson he helped raise... He's like Fisten, but better.

While pursuing "Alex" Fisten cultivates a witness, Jenny. (My Sister from my moms first marriage.) As a young teenage girl, she was raped, beaten, and forced into a marriage with her step father, Albert San Pedro. (Whom she had 2 children with.) Now living in hiding, with her faith in people shattered, Fisten attempts to obtain her help. Jenny reluctantly provides him with a vital clue to "Alex" but refuses all other cooperation. However, Jenny grows into another role for Fisten. He sets out to redeem his integrity by helping her in her personal life. Though their relationship is platonic, Jenny becomes the one woman and daughter figure, whom he can prove himself to as a good man. The is vitally important to Fisten, because every other woman in his personal life hates him. Jenny is his pathway to redemption.

Fisten gets a vital link to "Alex's" true identity, but one that is impossible to believe... Alex appears to be an alias for Ricky Prado, a senior CIA officer formerly assigned to nuclear counter proliferation duties in South Korea and now is the head of unit at CIA headquarters. Prado is not just a low level CIA thug, he is at the very top inner circle of the clandestine services.

Fistens claims about Ricardo Prado are initially denied from the very top of the US Govt. His investigation is IMMEDIATELY road blocked. However, his FBI team sticks with him initially, but faces severe pressure from above. Fisten has triggered a bureaucratic war between the CIA and FBI.

On the streets, key witnesses begin to mysteriously disappear and Fisten narrowly averts an attempt on Jenny's life. Fisten realizes he is no longer battling criminals off the streets, but the attacks and roadblocks he faces are orchestrated from with the CIA.

But he doggedly stays on Prado's trail. He gets to know Prado and make sense of his double life. Prado, a Cuban immigrant, grew up with Albert San Pedro, they were best friends. Even as a boy, Prado revered cops and fireman. He dreamt of becoming an American hero. But on the mean streets of miami he learned to fight by Albert's side. When Albert grew into a thug, Ricky joined the special forces, then returned to miami to work as a fireman. But Albert drew Prado into his world, playing on his bond and loyalty. At first, Prado justified his work as a hitman on the grounds that he was eliminating bad guys. But Prado joined the CIA to escape Albert. There, his street skills gave him a huge advantage. Prado had a meteoric rise in the agency... But Albert blackmailed him, forcing him to prove his loyalty by continuing to work for him. If Prado refused, he would be exposed.

Prado is now not just a hitman for Albert, but also for the CIA.

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    Creative Notes:
    My Father Albert San Pedro was the largest importer of cocaine in the 1970s/1980s with an FBI estimate of $185 MILLION dollars worth of cocaine imported. At this time, the US Govt attempting to contain communism in Central/South America, covertly hired my fathers bodyguard Ricky Prado to carry out assassinations of known communist.

    (This is all verifiable via web searches and my family photos.)