Moon Ring

Creator: Scott Loye
Age rating: Everyone
In 1969 Gabriel Sadler is murder in a jealous rage. Forty years later he finds a way back to the real world through contact with Maddy Rossi, a young vivacious seventeen year old girl that puts herself between Gabriels past and her future.
Synopsis: In 1969, seventeen-year-old Gabriel Williams is brutally murdered by a jealous ex-boyfriend of his girlfriend, Lizzy Liles. Billy Meyer attacks him as they are leaving a beautiful lake point after making love for the first time. His body is disposed of down an old work shaft and life as he knows it changes forever.
Gabriel turns his back on heaven to return to earth and help Lizzy, but it’s too late. After failed attempts to return to heaven he seeks the solitude of his family’s home and waits for something to one day happen.
When Maddy Rossi is forced to move from Las Vegas to a town in Arkansas as her mother seeks a better life for both of them, she fears her life is over. But not long after settling into her new house she discovers Gabriel’s spirit already living there. Gabriel and Maddy connect when she takes a dangerous fall and he comes to her rescue. Somehow, they realize, Maddy is serving as a portal for him to appear in the living world.
Meanwhile, Maddy has to struggle with being the new girl at a new school. To her utter amazement, she begins to make popular friends and attracts the attention of David Gibson. He is incredibly handsome, athletic and rich—the undisputed king of the school. Unfortunately David is already in a relationship with a jealous queen. Shelly Combs is the captain of the cheerleaders, comes from the right family and carries the protection of the school’s administration. When he leaves her to pursue a relationship with Maddy, Shelly finds that she craves the attention that her relationship with David garnered and disrupts every opportunity he finds to spend time with Maddy.
When Maddy digs deeper into the events surrounding Gabriel’s death, she discovers that Lizzy actually survived the attack and that her new school principal is the killer that murdered Gabriel all those years ago. But she also learns that not only did Lizzy survive the attack that left Gabriel dead—she was carrying Gabriel’s baby. Touched by the tragedy of the life Gabriel has missed, Maddy traces his family tree, until she’s shocked to discover a familiar name – David Gibson.
Maddy struggles with finding a way to tell David the truth. She decides the best way would be to take David to where it all began, so she has him take her out to the place she dreamed about when Gabriel showed her the events of his death. Maddy finds the strength to reveal the secret about Gabriel and his connection to David while they lie in each other’s arms. David is fascinated by the secrets of his family’s past and here, this lovely Sunday afternoon, he makes a spontaneous promise to help Maddy discover the true story behind Gabriel’s death.
Gabriel leads Maddy to the spot where his body was dumped in an old work shaft. Gabriel has told Maddy about a moonstone ring that he gave Lizzy before he was killed. Lizzy had promised to wear it forever, but on the day he was murdered, she had taken it off and entrusted it to him. Unfortunately, the ring was never returned and Gabriel feels sure that it holds the key to unlocking his inability to be seen by Lizzy. As Maddy helps David clear away the old boards covering the shaft, Mr. Meyer, the school’s principal has followed the two of them and seeks to make sure that they meet the same demise that Gabriel did. Maddy is thrown into the old shaft and sent plummeting into the cold water below. Gabriel and David both struggle with Mr. Meyer, but an unlikely hero finally comes to her rescue. While Maddy’s down there, somehow she manages to retrieve the ring.
Our two young lovers now have a compatriot in finding justice for Gabriel’s murder and find themselves partially on a path back to normalcy—that is, until they return to school and find Shelly Combs glaring at them. A pledge is made, no more a vow, that they will love each other no matter what, even beyond the realm of death.

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  • Test Movie 1 - Director's Edit
    Creative Notes:
    This version is a rough cut from our original 120 minute film. This is film is based on the adapted novel "Moon Ring" which is available on amazon books and written by Scott Loye
  • Video 1 - Original
    Creative Notes:
    A young man is murdered as a result of a jealous rage in rural Arkansas during 1969. He must find a way to set things right to protect those he loves in the world of today.