double cross

Creator: brian
Age rating: Everyone
Mike James lost his wife. Now, he's lost his daughter. But this time, he's getting her back - from another dimension.
Synopsis: Mike James is a physics professor at a small town college in a peaceful town. Happily married to Brenda, they have a seven year old daughter, Samantha.

Mike is on the cusp of a new discovery in physics, "Crossing over to a parallel dimension". Before his research can be finalized, TRAGEDY STRIKES! A HORRENDOUS CAR ACCIDENT takes Brenda's LIFE, Mike and daughter Samantha survive.

One year later, strange occurrences begin to happen in the James household. Some of Samantha's possessions mysteriously DISAPPEAR and she senses an unexplained PRESENCE in the house.

One day, Mike goes to pick up Samantha at school, when he is informed that his daughter had just left - WITH HIM! Confused, Mike rushes out onto the street, and spots Samantha walking up the street with MICHAEL - Mike's double from another dimension - the unexplained presence!

A MAD DASH to the James house ensues and once there, MICHAEL sends Samantha into another dimension. Before MICHAEL can follow her, Mike grabs MICHAEL and knocks him UNCONSCIOUS. Mike then follows Samantha into the other dimension, intent on bringing her back.

Arriving at the other side, Mike finds Samantha in a similar, yet different world, full of hostility and anger and the biggest difference of all - BRENDA IS ALIVE! (In this world the car accident had a different outcome, Samantha died - Brenda lived.)

Brenda assumes that Mike is her husband, MICHAEL, and Mike follows along with her assumption. From Brenda, Mike learns that MICHAEL had come back to abduct Samantha into his world. Brenda is furious at Mike (MICHAEL) for snatching Samantha and bringing her into their world without Brenda's knowledge, however, Brenda is now torn at keeping Samantha.

Mike, dazed at being reunited with his lost wife, takes in his new surroundings and looks ahead at the potential of a renewed life. Samantha is not as enthused and wants to return home. Brenda then discovers that Mike is not her husband, but Mike is able to win Brenda over, when it is discovered that Brenda and MICHAEL'S relationship has deteriorated. Brenda realizes that Mike is a much kinder and warmer soul and not as harsh and driven as MICHAEL.

At the same time, in the other world, MICHAEL is searching frantically for a way back and uses whatever resources he can to succeed, including MURDER!

Mike, desparately searches for a way home, when he discovers that he and Samantha will PERISH, if they remain in this dimension for more than 48 HOURS! Mike's additional dilemma is that he will have to lose Brenda all over again, when they realize that Brenda cannot survive in Mike's dimension as well.

In the nick of time, Mike discovers a way home. Before Mike and Samantha cross back, MICHAEL arrives and BATTLES Mike for Samantha. THE CLIMAX starts with A HUGE CAR CHASE and finishes with a FIERY EXPLOSION in the James' home, KILLING MICHAEL AND BRENDA!

Mike and Samantha get home safely and move on with their lives. At the end, the audience realizes that the dimension, that Mike and Samantha had been visiting, was our own earth.

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