Creator: Robin E. Simmons
Age rating: Everyone
Global warming sends a lone woman on a trek for the remains of Noah's Ark inciting the religious fury of the already hostile region.
Synopsis: Based on a real incident.

In 1974, a special ops team was sent to Turkey's Mt. Ararat to locate and destroy monitoring devices that were tracking our Blackbird spy planes leaving our base in Turkey and flying over Russia. On the snow capped mountain, team was caught in a blizzard and sought shelter in a crevasse where they stumbled into a buried, frozen structure that saved their lives. The men believed the structure was Noah's Ark. They destroyed the listening devices. But only one team member survived and made it back. His report went to the White House but was never made public and was classified.

Today, the grandaughter of the lone survivor -- who shared some of his story with family members before he died -- is trying to retrace the team's trek to the fabled mountain on the border of Turkey and Russia. The region, hostile to Americans, outsiders and women, is difficult

The problem is that when global warming reveals the ancient artifact that's sacred to the three great Religions of the "Book," all hell will break loose when the Djinn or Nephilim local Kurds, Yezidis and Armenians believe nest in the structure are released.

Can one lone woman avert Armageddon or will the relic that once saved mankind and survived God's wrath mankind now unleash it?

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