Creator: Michael Poirier
Age rating: Everyone
A young boy’s natural playground along the river is invaded by a pair of inept crooks. A family of flying squirrels team up with the lad to bring the crooks to justice and solve a century old mystery in the process.
Project collaboration: Closed
Synopsis: Will is an eight year old boy who lives on the river with his mother, Beth. After his father mysteriously disappeared when he was a baby, Will assumed life was normal without a dad, while Beth continued to hold faith that her husband would walk in the door one morning and kiss her on the cheek as if he had never left. With little income and hope waning, they are very close to losing their home. The river has always produced trace amounts of gold, but legend has it that there is a mother lode just waiting to be discovered. Another local myth was that a Spanish treasure was buried somewhere along the river. Beth’s husband was searching for both when he suddenly disappeared.
Two career criminals, Crank and Gopher, decide to set up camp under the waterfall on Beth’s property. When Will stumbles upon them trying to cut down the swing tree at his swimming hole, he puts up a good fight, escaping with only his life.
Charlie and Simone are flying squirrels or “Sugar Babies” as they are more affectionately called and they just happen to live in the tree that Crank wants removed. Their young son, Glider is sound asleep in the nest, thirty feet up the tree and when Simone suddenly shows up to protect him, Crank tries to shoot her. Failing to get a clear shot, they fell the tree and nest into the river with the squirrels taking a tremendous hit. Charlie has been chased deep into the woods by Will’s cat, Barnacle, and doesn’t know what’s going on.
Will spots Simone unconscious, floating down the river and despite a heroic rescue attempt, she succumbs to her injuries. Glider, thanks to his mother taking the brunt of the force, has survived, but is now faced with surviving one of nature’s unforgiving laws...the food chain, which in this case involves, an owl, a bull snake and Barnacle. When Charlie returns to his nest, his is heartbroken at the thought of losing his family.
After the local sheriff, Mike Simpson, gets involved, the situation becomes more than a simple trespassing violation. When Beth and Mike hear a gun shot from the direction of the falls, they fear the worst.
Slightly injured, Will is led to a cave by Charlie who feels obligated to help the boy for trying to save Simone. As it turns out, the cave houses the Spanish treasure that has been lost all these years. Unfortunately, Crank and Gopher follow as well. The sheriff and Beth show up and the situation becomes quite lethal. Glider appears out of nowhere and disarms Crank.
Glider becomes the hero and the bad guys get their upcoming. The Spanish treasure assures Beth that they can live out their life on the river and Sam; Beth’s husband can get a proper burial after they find his remains in the cave beside the rattlesnake that killed him.

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