Broken Dolls

Creator: Genne Mikel
Age rating: Everyone
Broken Dolls is a ghost story about a family and a crippled girl who inherit a haunted house and discover it's dark, even dangerous secrets. A room filled with old dolls hold the most haunting secrets of all.
Synopsis: John is an unemployed man with a with and two teenagers, one a daughter in a wheel chair, who is offered a chance to take posession of an old mansion in the country. It is run down and next to a feisty but good natured woman, Betsy, the former owner of an old funeral home who still drives her hearse.

One John moves in he discovers not only is the house haunted, but a local handy man has a mysterious desire to get in the house at all costs, to a set of old broken dolls made by a former owner.

The house is also occupied by the good natured and sweet spirited ghost of a young nurse who cares for the wheel chair ridden daughter, and takes her for night walks.

Here and there around the corners something waits for the occupants...including the prank playing ghost of Betsy's husband who once also owned the funeral homes.

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