Save Me, San Francisco

Creator: Drew Mackintosh
Age rating: 13 and older
A San Francisco hedge fund manager and an eccentric cab driver form an unlikely crime solving duo after witnessing the apparent murder of a transvestite streetwalker in the wee hours of the morning.
Synopsis: JACK KELLER recently made the move from his native Chicago to San Francisco, partly to start a new job at a hedge fund, but also to get away from the painful break-up of a long term relationship.
Jack’s new job requires him to work market hours, which means taking a cab to the office at 4:30 AM. All he asks from his morning commute is a direct, clean, quite ride to the Financial district. Instead, what he gets is ROGER PERNAUD, who manages to violate each of these requests on a daily basis.
One morning, after a few minutes of listening to Roger regale him about about his former life as roadie for the band Train, inhaling his second hand smoke and almost sitting in a urine soaked portion of the seat, Jack LAYS INTO HIM and tells him to just SHUT UP AND DRIVE.
They pass through the Broadway tunnel in awkward silence, until they reach the end, when suddenly a BODY SLAMS DOWN ON THE HOOD OF ROGER’S CAB. The car fishtails over to the side of the road and the body rolls off on to the sidewalk.
Roger immediately recognizes the person as HONEY DIJON, a DRAG QUEEN who used to perform at a burlesque joint he DJ’ed at back in the day. The cops tell Jack and Roger that this was likely a suicide and that they should go on with their lives.
Roger believes that foul play was involved and that Honey’s death is part of a larger plot hatched by the MAYOR and his allies to rid the city of its more seedy elements ahead of the INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE’S (IOC) VISIT for the chance to win the 2020 Summer Olympics.
Jack dismisses Roger’s theory as paranoid garbage until the following morning, when the cops pull Roger over in what appears to be an attempt to silence Roger for good. Jack manages to rescue Roger from the seemingly corrupt cops, and the two of them embark on a mission to expose the conspiracy.
They employ the help of COSMIC CHARLIE, one of Roger’s hippie burnout friends who makes ends meet as a street performer, and ANNIE PERNAUD, Roger’s sister, who works at the Chamber of Commerce.
The murder mystery becomes more convoluted and implausible as they follow “leads” from one part of the city to the next. Their pursuit of the truth ultimately leads to a public confrontation with the Mayor in front of the IOC representatives, a plan that goes horribly wrong and lands Jack in jail.
Jack blames Roger for the whole fiasco, but realizes that the wild goose chase allowed him to take his mind off his broken heart for the first time in weeks. Through their misguided adventures, the team is able to inadvertently shed light on Honey’s real killer and find Jack a possible new love.

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