The Vice President The Trillionaire

When the devil is very devious and too sweet to resist who will refuse his charm or stand in his way? To what lengths would people go to to be let in on a secret of the century? When a secret threatens the survival of mankind is the prize of $trillion really worth the cost?
Synopsis: One woman discovered that the world has become so corrupt that people would not stop at anything. The devil had become so devious yet sweet and charming that he offered incentives as well as threats to get what he wants and win the people's favor but what the people didn't know was the cost to them, their families and to the survival of humanity. Every one from members of the government to the sophisticated crooks had their eyes on one thing; the world's $ trillions. Men had devised devious ways of getting their hands on the big fat prize. A trail of mysterious deaths leads to the discovery of the century. A new and evil force is outside the gate knocking on all doors the only good thing is that if you ask nicely he will throw sweets and candy at you but for how long and at what cost? What really does he want? Is the future really safe? Will you let them in on the secret and at what cost? 

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