Serpents Rising: The OJ Simpson Conspiracy

Creator: T.H. Johnson
Age rating: Everyone
film documentary of an investigative agencies discoveries of fraud and malfeasance in the framing of OJ Simpson circulated in 5 film festivals in 2005, and several national and international private screenings in this ongoing 20 year investigation
Synopsis: The producers of the first documentary SERPENTS RISING would like to update that version by producing a new and equally dramatic version. Since their first completion in 2004 of their discoveries dating from 1996, this will be updated with a plethora of inclusions of their investigative finding since 2004. This new version of Serpents Rising will go way beyond their first critically acclaimed effort indicating the malfeasance of how the celebrated African American sports icon OJ Simpson's life and public career was intentionally destroyed by sworn court officers acting under the color of authority .

Though the justification of their acts are still unclear they may have been related to the need to regain the moral high ground, from a sense of loss, particularly in LA after the internationally circulated George Halliday video tape of the brutalization of the late Rodney King at the hands of several Los Angeles police officers and their subsequent acquittal causing public outrage with rioting and widespread burning across Los Angeles.

As a result of an on-going 22 year investigation started in 1996 by the organization OMIG (Ocean Medical Investigative Group) the camera goes where others have guided the American public and particularly diverted the American press away in order to sell the idea of OJ Simpson as the 20th century modern day Othello. As with Shakespeare's 17th century mythical figure, the celebrated conquering military Commander of the Mediterranean, Othello, the national and international public was sold a similar concept of a celebrated sports icon, OJ Simpson, whose basis of his own destruction was falsely sold as his own jealous and fanatical infatuation with a Caucasian woman. Thus, race became the prevaricator that even disarmed the members of the 4th estate, the powerful press, in its failure to do any meaningful due diligence relative to the evidence in the so called "trial of the century".

When the press let down its guard in the Simpson case it arguably became the embarkation point of turning the mainstream press into tabloid journalism. Thus, the question becomes more prevalent in these tumultuous times today, in a so called democratic society such as the United States who is it to keep a government apparatus in check if the press fails to do so? They appear to have stepped up to our present President's challenge of their promulgating fake news but they did not do so relative to the Simpson trial. What is fascinating is to analyze what factors contributed to a lack of motivation on the part of the press to simply let their guard down and not do any meaningful due diligence, but to accept everything placed on their platter by a governmental subdivision, Los Angeles, that's paid out hundreds of millions of dollars for police corruption and personal injury?

That is the essence of the meaning of the coined expression attributed to the British Parliamentarian Edmond Burke at the end of the 18th century. When the UK's free press was ultimately allowed into the gallery of the House of Commons to cover acts of legislation it was Burke while allegedly pointing out to a peer stated that "there lies the power of the 4th Estate". By the 20th Century the British playwright, Oscar Wilde, would say the Press or power of the 4th estate had now devoured the 2nd and 3rd to become the most powerful 1st Estate that even Kings and Generals trembled at the thought of being drug before the press. The power of the press was forsaken during the Simpson trial and the failure of due diligence on the part of the press in America has been the major subtext of the facade and failure of the so called "trial of the century".

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    Creative Notes:
    The American National Football legend and icon OJ Simpson was framed by sworn court officers acting under the color of authority to conceal exculpatory evidence that would have exonerated him for their own apparent pecuniary gain and personal aggrandizement.