The Mysteriousers

Creator: Beau Jones
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
This movie is about a band that is terrorized by a Phantom.
Synopsis: A very great band of young adults known as "The Mysteriousers" performs spectacular performances. The members are John; the band's lead singer, Mary; the lead guitar of the band and sometimes second lead singer, Jessie; the band's keyboard player, Marty; The band's drummer, and Ohdy, a Sasquatch like creature is the saxophone player. One day they are terrorized by a mysterious phantom being and it is up to The Mysteriousers and Ohdy to solve the mystery of who the phantom really is, and save their band.

Latest Work

  • Script 2 - Beau's 2nd Draft
    Creative Notes:
    I cut down the part where Ohdy has his panic attack inside the police station and I added more ways for the gang to know that The Phantom of The Opera book they find in the abandoned building is the Phantom's book.

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