The Fall of Dee

Creator: Kaden Brown
Age rating: 13 and older
Beautiful schoolgirl Dee is mourning the loss of her brother. Forced to change college when her parents split up she feels outcast, descending into an abyss of loneliness, despair, drug use and casual sex. Then she meets a girl who will forever change her life.
Synopsis: People are being killed. People are afraid.

Dee is a confident and hot teenager. Her life is perfect. She looks like a model and acts like she knows it.

Then her parents separate following the death of Dee's brother and her life changes. Forced to move home, school and make new friends Dee Dee finds her life altered for the worse. A broken family. A mum with no time. A boyfriend who supplies her with drugs and alcohol.

Dee's life is destroyed as she seeks the very things she cannot have: trust, love and friendship.

The murders keep happening. And they're getting closer.

Getting caught intoxicated and unconscious by the cops shames Dee into action. Or is it the discovery that Paul has been cheating on her? Regardless, her life is destroyed. The Lesser Undead, Jessica wants to save Dee but her own secrets make that impossible.

That is, until a stunning and happy rich girl crosses her path and they become friends. Elizabeth shows Dee a way to live life and have fun, beyond peer pressure and family. Together they find soulmates that can last forever.

The very thing that the Jessica fears is about to happen and there is nothing she can do to protect Dee.

The sinister and creepy Hariana watches Dee and Elizabeth closely as they enjoy fireworks on the beach. Dee argues with Paul and Elizabeth defends her. The next day Paul's brother is found murdered.

Not all is as it seems. Dee doesn't know it, but the very people she wants are not what they seem.

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  • Script 1 - Kaden's Original Draft
    Creative Notes:
    This is an original screenplay. It was developed from my draft script which was set in New Zealand, called 'Dee Dee'. 'The Fall of Dee' includes the removal of scenes, dialogue and descriptive content. Additional characters and scenes have also been added. The setting is now BC, Canada, though this is incidental and is not in any way critical. 'The Fall of Dee' is a feature-length pilot.