Creator: Jayson L Bernard
Genre: Comedy
Age rating: Everyone
Two adult middle aged siblings must move back to their small town where they grew up to live in the house they grew up in out of necessity. Comedy. 90's style sitcom. Dysfunctional Family fun!
Synopsis: FAMILY VALUES: The Series follows Two siblings that life hasn't been kind to. They must move back into the family home they grew up in to make ends meet. Maggie and her two teens and 9 year old must make a new life without Maggie's missing husband all the while dealing with Matt, her adult failed actor brother who has a drinking problem. Dysfuntional family fun! Comedy. Sitcom.

Latest Work

  • Video 1 - Sitcom Comedy
    Creative Notes:
    Maggie and Matt two adult siblings forced to live together for necessity get trapped in the basement of their childhood home and remember a party they attended as teens. Problem is they both remember the party and its details VERY differently!