Creator: Robert davenport
Genres: Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
This story is about the burgeoning marijuana culture in our society. A former drug smuggler becomes wealthy growing and selling pot after it is legalized in Colorado, the first state to do so. His opulent life style makes him and his family targets of $5 million kidnap plot

Latest Work

  • Pilot Script 1
    Creative Notes:
    A new marijuana culture permeates our society. Marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the U.S. Medical and recreational sales are booming in nine states, including California, and many others will follow. A vast audience awaits a series that entertains as well as informs.
    In a flashback, Doug and his partner barely escape from a marijuana deal gone bad in Mexico.
    Doug later becomes wealthy growing and selling weed after it becomes legal in Colorado. He and his family are targets of a $5 million kidnapping plot in their luxury motor home.