Pale Blue Light

Creator: Eddy Duran
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Age rating: 17 and older
Pale Blue Light is a television drama series centered on a record company called Pale Blue Light Records. The show focuses on the behind-the-scenes of the hip hop industry and culture. How do we quantify the world’s largest demographic? Through music, that’s how!
Synopsis: We meet Mac & Happy Desmond. Happy is very charismatic, and flamboyant, he calls himself a music producer but he really doesn't give a rats ass for the business, he's a hustler at heart and lives off his dad’s allowance. He uses his title as a (Record Executive) to get in and out of places and meet people of status. On the other hand there's Mac, his older brother. Mac is very discipline, focused and is a skilled music producer who is well respected in the hip-hop game and considers himself a purist to the highest degree when it comes to music. Desi Desmond is their father and the owner of DESMOND MUSIC, a small Salsa/Jazz record label that has just lost its distribution deal with a major label and is way in the red as far as sales and profits are concerned. So Desi’s lawyer Ray Ramsey wants to file for bankruptcy, so Desi can give his small staff and artist some kind of pension before letting them go. Desi was a Salsa-Jazz fusion musician that never made it to the big time but has a loyal following.
Mac doesn't want to file for bankruptcy. He believes the family business just needs to be revamped. Happy thinks it’s a bad idea and they will end up penniless if they don’t file. After intense coursing Mac convinces his younger brother Happy to take their inheritance money and transform DESMOND MUSIC, into a “Hip Hop” record label. Mac believes they can turn the company around by producing Real Hip-Hop music; bring back hip-hop to it's glory days, Pale Blue Light Records is in conception.

Latest Work

  • Video 2 - Pale Blue Light Episode 1
    Creative Notes:
    In this episode Desi hits the streets looking for his paybacks and finds fast talking Frankie who talked himself into being a TV producer. Frankie owe's Desi 100K and Frankie comes up with a plan to payback Desi with the TV stations credit card. And Happy gets hustled by a novelist street artist in the subway only to run into him again in a night club, "it's going down tonight" says happy

All Work

  • Video 1 - Pilot
    Creative Notes:
    This pilot introduces the character's plights and personalities in this exciting and compelling comedic-drama series about two brothers who inherit a failing Latin-music label and their struggles of maintaining family and business.