THE GINGER, an Original Superhero

Creator: Kelley S.
Age rating: 17 and older
Born with Fire, Fueled by Destiny. One Redheaded Stepchild, BEATS BACK, and Stands Up to become a Hero. THE GINGER. Because what the world really needs MOST, is an ORIGINAL SUPERHERO to save us from remake and sequels of old characters, and NEW MERCHANDISE to BUY!!!
Synopsis: "Born with Fire, Adopted by Evil, the Beatings and Ridicule DID NOT Extinguish His FLAME. They only IGNITED the SPARK that FUELED HIS DESTINY..." THE GINGER.

Finally, one redheaded stepchild, BEATS BACK, and stands up to become a hero. Proving "awkwardness is awesomeness" and superheroes don't all have to be 'pretty boys', because the' true power' of a superhero isn't the ability to save the world, it's the potential for MERCHINDISING.

Complete with a 'License to KiLT' and 'Ginger Stars', this "Troll looking doll with muscles" NIN-ger (ninja-ginger) won't kick evil's ass gingerly. He will ravage it with fists of fiery and an unheard ability to take pain from years of growing up with constant beatings. Saving the world one laugh at a time and with his heart of gold, he hopes to gain acceptance into a society which despises and outcasts those born with red hair and freckles, because everyone loves a hero, or so he "thinks".

Turning old jokes around and empowering a character brings joy to this alternative universe while poking fun at clichés of the superhero genre without upsetting die hard comic book fans. THE GINGER becomes a superhero while also dealing with his social awkwardness when it comes to dating, working to pay bills, and fitting in with other heroes, who seem to take advantage of his naïve ways, all while trying to survive THE GINER HUNTERS who have been commissioned to eliminate his kind from existence. Of course, if being a superhero doesn't work out, maybe he'll listen to one of the voices in his head, THE GINGE, which tries to convince THE GINGER that being a superhero is LAME, but becoming a SUPER VILLAIN would be AWESOME and easier since everyone already seems to hate him just for being ginge.

It's DEADPOOL meets THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN, FUTURE MAN, and THE TICK with hopefully a quarter the box office pull of WONDER WOMAN and THE BLACK PANTHER.

Rumored to have a freckle for every soul he steals, he's working on the perfect tan one soul at a time, so watch out evil.

"It's GINGER-riffic", "very GINGER-fying", "GINGER-licious", "and FIRECROTCH-tastic."


Latest Work

  • Video 1 - THE GINGER
    Creative Notes:
    This is a $300 budget garage film trailer/concept film to introduce the character. I hope to film more dialogue and depth , but it takes time. Graphic novels can have a plethora of adaptations for a character, so can this character in film or a series. I focus on comedy since I can write and film a laugh easier than an action scene with no money or crew. I also submitted film to Comic-Con 2018.