The Delicate

Creator: Evan Bell
Age rating: 17 and older
The heartbreaking true story of a young man fighting his way through life after being raped and sexually abused. This film highlights the fragility of relationships, mental health and life itself.
Synopsis: This is the true story of a young man (Evan Bell) and his journey overcoming rape, suicide and heartbreak. Evan was raised LDS (Mormon) and discovered he was gay at a young age. On top of figuring out where he fits in with his family and religion, he is also fighting through the repercussions and trauma of being raped and sexually abused. He meets his first love (Andy) and they do all they can to hold on to each other while mental health and past abusers try to tear them apart. This is a powerful story and representation about how fragile humanity and life is in itself. Everyone has a story. This one is delicate.

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