Keep Eyes Peeeled

Creator: Dima Gromov
Age rating: 13 and older
This is a pilot episode of the mini-serial (3 episodes). In the near future three characters will have a long way full of many dangerous situations. They are interested and stay together because of one very important thing. The plot was edited for the film budget (900$)
Synopsis: «Keep Eyes Peeled»
First episode original synopsis
(It's not a production version because of budget)

Forest, Red Gang territory.
Three men are sitting and listening to the music near the fire on the bank of the river. This is Evgeny Davidov, Vitalik and a guide. They noticed fire spot in the sky, maybe the satellite fall down. David is brining a valuable bag and is checking connection with GPS (there is no connection), Vitalik is complaining about a boring journey, the absence of the cartridges and batteries. David instructs Vitalik. The Guide tells a story about a forester from his past which happened not far from this place. There are airplane flinders not far from them. Title “2056 year. Somewhere in the former Russian Federation”.

Road, Red Gang territory.
Three UAZ cars are driving among the ruins. A young man and a pregnant woman are in the first car, a couple of middle age in the second one, in the third – an old man. They are going to the “free lands”. 8 cars with gangsters catch them up. Gangsters shoot car wheels of the first car and block others. They kill the old man and another man at once. The pregnant woman is forced and is killed in front of her husband, she is a burden. Gangsters took the woman and the young man with them as slaves. They are glad to find some petrol in the car boot. One car left near UAZ and six gangsters are going to change wheels.

Mirny village.
A helicopter flies to one small village and lands. Citizens stop and glaze at it. A young lieutenant and two tommy-gunners. The leader of the village colonel Melnikov and his secretary meet them. The lieutenant reminds Melnikov about his suggestion – the village must join to the GKO (State Committee of Special situations) on the good conditions: all resources will be general’s Romanov, the head of SCD (state comity of defense, Melnikov will be a governor of the nearest regions. In the case of refusing the conditions will be bad: resources and people will be a part of GKO but with another leader. The governor post is vacant and some candidates would like to have it. Melnikov agrees and makes an appointment with lieutenant’s management in 2 weeks. The lieutenant leaves.

Road, Red Gang territory.
David, Vitalik and the guide in jlists are walking in the forest and find out a road. They notice young man’s dead body (he was captured by gangsters). The guide leaves the road, Vitalik throws tinned can away near the dead body. The guide informs David that someone follows them during last two days. UAZ with new wheels drives to the dead body together with another car, six gangsters go out. David, Vitalik and the guide are hiding in the forest. While the leader of the gangsters is cutting ears of the dead body as trophies, another one noticed Vitalik’s can. Vitalik is in panic, is trying to go away, shooting starts. 5 gangsters are killed, the sixth one drives to find help, characters run.

Village Mirny,
Melnikov’s secretary asks what he is going to do. Melnikov refuses general’s suggestion, during two weeks they should evacuate all people. The secretary reminds him the last group doesn’t return with probes to the village. Moreover, redeployment is very dangerous for citizens, not all of them will survive because of guilds and gangsters all around. The leader decides to pack and wait for the group during next three days, then leave and survive as a small group. They’ve done it successfully for 20 years.
Forest, Red Gang territory.
The guide says the Forester is following them, in reality he is a Hannibal. Vitalik has cartridges. Characters decide to go fast.

Road, Red Gang territory.
A dozen of gangsters in three cars drive the road and find out their killed friends. Gangsters’ dog finds David, Vitalik and the guide’s footprints. Six gangsters wait near their cars, six gangsters with a dog are spooring to revenge and kill them.

Forest, Red Gang territory.
Characters are going through the forest. They hear helicopter’s sound and hide. If flies near Vitalik, he runs, fells down and dislocates his leg. The guide decides to change the direction.

Mountains, Hannibal’s cave,
Characters are going through the forest and fields to the mountain. They come to the Hannibal’s cave and come in, thinking to make an ambush for the Hannibal. David goes to take piss in the heart of the cave, the guide is interested in the bag. Strange sound is heard from the heart of the cave. Vitalik and the guide are going and suddenly Vitalik shoots David. The guide withdraws Vitalik’s gun, looks for the bag in David’s clothes but fail. David is almost dead, the guide says he is the Hannibal and they come to his cave on their own. Vitalik crashes the guide’s torch ad hides in the dark cave. The guide frightens, catches, inflicts torture on Vitalik and knows where the bag is. Vitalik says the place, the guide puts out his eye, chains him to the bridge and leaves for the bag.

Hannibal’s cave.
David crawls to the Vitalik. He can’t help Vitalik to unchain him but he has something for Vitalik. David is dead. Vitalik is searching David’s body and found batteries. He is laughing, pissing on Hannibal’s bed and try to find out how unchain himself. Vitalik notices a stone and hides it under his hand.

Hannibal’s cave.
The guide returns, he is very angry and disappointed. He is trying to kill Vitalik. But Vitalik advises him to look at his bed. When the guide realizes the bed is pissed Vitalik punches his head by the stone. The guide fells down. Vitalik is looking for the key on the guide’s body and fails. Then he takes the guide’s gun and shoots into the chain. It’s crashed. He is trying to kill the guide by his gun because he is moving. But there are no cartridges in it. Vitalik hits the guide’s head by the gun, smells spirit, finds a jerrican with spirit, pours everything on the body and fires it and get out from the cave.

The end of the first eisode.
Second one is prequel of first episode, third episode is continuation.

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